Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Guess I'm A Pretty Good Mirror

I do a reflection post every week. And apparently it's not actually supposed to be random thoughts or about the past week, but rather an in-depth reflective analysis thing for the coming week in Language Arts. My apologies for my earlier confusion on that.

Anyway...we are starting a new unit this week. Dante's Inferno. Should be interesting, if not fun. Fortunately my mom purchased a large supply of jellybeans, so I will have a rainbow of colors and flavors to get me through hell. But actually, the idea of the afterlife and different beliefs regarding what happens after death has always fascinated me. It probably shouldn't. After all, you only find out what happens after death when you die, and I definitely don't want to die anytime soon. I just think it's very interesting to see what different religions and beliefs think. In Judaism, there is only heaven. In Christianity, there is most definitely a heaven and a hell, but different sects believe slightly different things. In Greek mythology, there are the Fields of Asphodel, which is where everyone who wasn't extraordinarily good or bad goes. I personally think that's a bit unfair, to be cursed to wander an infinite Kansas wheat field just because you weren't exceptional. So few people are truly good or bad that very few people would actually get special treatment. And, hey, you're already dead. Whoever is running all that, who I suppose would be Hades in this scenario, should cut them a break.

But actually, I'm excited for the new book not only because of the interesting point of view but also because it connects to History class. About a month ago, so fairly recently, we went through the Renaissance and then Dante was mentioned because he wrote in the vernacular. I think. Like I said it was kind of a while ago. Anyway, it connects to one of my other classes, which made me realize that this book is old. I had no idea how old this book was. And it was originally Italian. Italy is just really cool in general. Yes, they tend to surrender in wars and whatnot, but pasta. And art. Come on. I'm very excited to read Inferno, and I do believe that I will like it. I don't doubt that I will be offended at some point, but now that we are out of the satire unit to a point I think I'll survive. I also think that I have been gifted with the ability to laugh at myself, which would explain quite a few personality traits of mine. But that's off-topic. My point is simply that I'm excited for this book and I'm glad I am getting the opportunity to read it.