Monday, October 7, 2013

Jonathan Swiffer Sweeper

This is the title because this is the first thing that came to mind not only when I saw his name but also when I saw his hair. Like holy moly. That is some hair.

Anyway, Jonathan Swift was born on November 30th, 1667 (the best month, seeing as it also contains my birthday and Ender's Game) and very sadly grew up without a father. He was a very sickly child, and when he was young he was handed off to his uncle (late father's brother). Swift went to one of the top schools in Ireland at the time and grew up to be a clergyman and satirist, which to me seems like an unlikely combination. He wrote many books, perhaps the most famous being Gulliver's Travels. Oh, who am I kidding. I hadn't ever even heard of the other ones. That't pretty much his whole life right there.

Next up - a quote about Swift from someone else. Okay. This was really hard because although this guy had a lot of quotes there are not many that I could find that were about him. This is pretty much all I could find, though I quite like it nonetheless.
“Jonathan Swift made a soul for the gentlemen of this city by hating his neighbor as himself.” ~W.B. Yeats
This is very nice and I think it definitely describes a satirist quite well, thought it also makes me feel like it's something out of the Bible, which is fitting considering Swift was also a clergyman. Hating his neighbor as himself is the mark of a true satirist; being able to see something in himself and his neighbor and remarking upon it in the hope of bringing change that he perhaps has already implemented.

Finally, a quote from Jonathan Swift. Ah, yes. Much better. I chose the one that is not the most popular, but rather one that I enjoyed a bit more.
"One enemy can do more hurt than ten friends can do good." ~Jonathan Swift

This is not a very satirical quote, but this one speaks to me on a personal level. For me, the enemy is school. I am struggling this year for one of the first times ever and no matter what my friends tell me I still feel like I'm sinking. I know, I know, not the time for a personal rant, but oh well. I just never have time to do anything I want to anymore and I am always swamped with homework and I am falling behind and my grades are slipping...
Jonathan Swift. Fabulous hair. Incredibly sarcastic.
The end.