Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hitsong to Save the World

This is the video I picked for satire. It is about two people in a futuristic society where making hit songs is banned. On a shallow level, this is about saving a music-impoverished country by making a new hit song. One that appeals to everyone, with a "chorus that's just woa-oa-oa so everyone can sing along" and "a dance that anyone can do". They use every trick in the book that makes a formulaic, catchy hit song featuring a powerful female vocalist, and that's all they're out to do. They succeed and they save the country, even taking out the stereotypical dictator while they're at it. It is really quite ridiculous that they take everything, even say that they need a dubstep break, and they still make a song that would be considered good on the radio. They poke fun at how every song nowadays sounds the same, but we enjoy them nonetheless. "So throw your mainstream hands in the air", 'cause you'll be singing it whether you mean to or not.

Now, this whole thing may seem a little strange. Okay, it's a lot strange. But it is very interesting and although it is hard to find a deeper meaning, I do have one. The deeper meaning behind this strange video is that we, as a society, are too reliant on music to take our mind off of things. To us, music saves the world and music should run a country. Now, I am a big fan of music, but I do not think that we should put Katy Perry or Eminem in charge of the government. This video also shows how we tend to put music first and ignore the real issues. That may not always be exactly true with everyone, but if you ask a teenager whether they would rather listen to new music, even if it is mainstream and isn't something they typically listen to or talk about politics, most would pick the music. Speaking as a teen, I think that more of us should start paying attention to things in the news rather than whose new music video just came out, which is what this video is saying on a deeper level is what we don't do but maybe should. This video is a witty way of asking us that, yes, it will be stuck in your head all day, but what were you doing listening to it in the first place? Wasn't there a better way you could have been spending your time? It's ironic, retribution that you will be humming the song for the rest of the day.