Friday, April 25, 2014

Partner Blog - Sarah and Ryo

"Weren't the gods mere shapes, creations like you and me, subject to time, transitory?" (Hesse 5).

"-it was all a lie, it all stank, stank of lies, it all gave the illusion of meaning and happiness and beauty and all of it was just putrefaction that no one would admit to." (Hesse, 12-13)

"...there is a tiny hole through which something strange is flowing into his world of oneness, something new, something that wasn't there before and that cannot be shown and cannot be proven: This is your doctrine of the overcoming of the world, of redemption. With this tiny hole, this tiny gap, the entire eternal unified law of the universe is smashed to pieces, rendered invalid." (Hesse 29).

"From this moment when the world around him melted away and left him as solitary as a star in the sky, from this moment of cold and despondency, Siddhartha emerged, more firmly Self than ever before, solidified." (Hesse 37).